Five Tips On How To Save At The Hair Salon

You like to look polished but your lunchtime salon outings may be eating away more of your paycheck than you think. Check out this salon data from Square, a mobile payment company: an average American woman spends $43 on a haircut, $40 on a blow dry, $19.50 on a manicure, and $32.25 on a pedicure. Multiply this by your salon visits and your annual salon spend will cross $1000 even if you are “low” maintenance. Tressemme did a similar survey in Britain and found that an average lady spends $50,000 on her hair alone during their lifetime. That could have been the down payment on a new house! Here are five ways to start saving the money you’ve been squandering at the salon:

1 – Invest in Good Styling Tools

Since hair is the largest contributor to your salon spend ($50,000 over your life, imagine!), let’s start with scrounging on hair styling. First step is to replace your shoddy super-market flat iron/ curling rod with a professional styler like the ones from GHD. The secret to getting a salon-like blow dry at home is buying a hair dryer that is at least 2000W. Regular dryers are usually 1875 watts while their salon ones are 3000 W.

If you have bangs or a fringe you may be forced to visit your salon more often (sometimes even every two weeks) to point-cut them as they grow. Spend $24 on a hair cutting tool like the popular CreaClip. This way you will only need to visit your hairdresser when you want to change your hairstyle because you can do your hair maintenance yourself.

2 – Facials are Better Done at Home

You probably know this one if you are an organic skincare junky. Very few, and usually only high-end, salons offer skin treatments that use products without parabens, alcohol, urea, and silicones. Hence when you buy a facial, you are paying just to feel someone slather stuff over your face. It is better to buy your products yourself and do a facial at home. Chemicals peels like the very popular glycolic acid ones can cost several hundred dollars. Meanwhile many trusted Skincare brands sell bottled biological peels like Kiehl’s whose chemical peel bottle costs $70 and lasts two usages.

 3 – Wax With a Friend

A 14 ounce jar of cold wax will cost you around $10 and last ages. Buy some waxing strips and baby oil to soothe your skin afterwards and get waxing. You could also ask a friend to help, possibly to hold your calves tight as you wax your shin. For reference, full body wax usually costs around $100.

4 – Try Not to Get Swept Away by Celebrity-endorsed Salon Procedures

The vampire facial endorsed by Kim K, the $1000 haircut loved by everyone in Beverly Hills, the Brazilian wax salon all VS Angel’s love: they sound enticing. Don’t they? While it is okay to indulge once in a while, don’t make it a lifestyle habit to chase after celeb beauty procedures. Remember that these women employ whole teams to keep their skin glowing. And they have Photoshop.

5 – Try to Strike a Deal

If you frequent a salon for a particular treatment like haircut or facial, try bundle buying it. Salons, especially the expensive ones, are happy to throw in a free session if you pay for three or four sessions at once. You could also try asking them if they have a referral program; this could earn you a discount if you bring a friend.

The salon industry is valued at $20 billion. You don’t have to add your money to that number. At the same time, you don’t have to look shabby. You just need to plan your salon spend well with these five tips on How to Save at the Salon.